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Poppy Hunt

Born in Dublin, Cork based artist Poppy Hunt has made a career from paintings and drawings of landscapes and animals, particularly of horses, to which she brings the horse rider’s sense both of anatomical accuracy, and also of empathy. Working to commission, and with pieces in numerous private collections, in Ireland and internationally, she exhibits regularly including at the Lavitt Gallery, Punchestown, Goff’s, at the Kinsale Arts Festival, and in galleries across the UK.

Video making is a recent departure for Hunt, and through this relatively new medium, she has begun to explore different ways of showing the abiding and unique pull of the Irish landscape. Responding to Theo Dorgan’s poem Wild Orchids, Wild Flowers, Hunt was struck by the balance of light and dark, fleeting moments and enduring time. These are themes she is now developing in a new body of work.

Poppy Hunt lives in Kinsale