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Katherine Boucher Beug

Katherine Boucher Beug has been living and working in County Cork since 1971 after her studies in Chicago and Hamburg, Germany. She is known for the expressive ‘hand writing’ of her drawn line, her in-depth study and use of Joseph Albers’ color theory and  the ease with which she moves between realistic and abstract work. She has shown regularly in solo shows and participated in group shows in Ireland, the USA and Europe since 1973.

Her daily work in sketchbooks, personal, expressive and rooted in experience, underlies the immediacy of her work. It is influenced by the work of Beuys, Twombly, and Raushenburg among others. Part of the excitement of the work is its constant exploration of new media and materials including the use of photgraphs, fabric, and wood as well as painting, drawing and collage. This open experimentation is carried over to work on canvas, paper and printmaking.

The animation shown here was a response to an experience which seemed to call for this particular form. The drawings were made quickly. The figure was cut and ‘hinged’ with needle and thread and the story evolved by moving the man and bird around on the page. Initially photographed by the artist as a ‘slide-show’, it found its present form in collaboration with editor Thomas Beug and musician/composer Jan Hendrick Ruebel. It is one of several animations that the artist is presently working on.