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Maud Cotter

Maud Cotter’s work is an exploration of human presence and its indivisible relationship with the material world.

In her recent exhibitions: a solution is in the room, (CIT Wandsford Quay Gallery, Cork, forthcoming Sept 2013) and The Air They Capture is Different (with Karl Burke, MAC, Belfast, July 2013); the work feeds on the skeletal tenacity and fitness for function of an eclectic mix of objects, interior and exterior. Litter-bins, sieves, filters; holders of the transient flow of the discarded and used take the floor in the language of the street. Released from corporate constraints and values, they are transformed, renewed, re-expressed in space, claiming an intangible territory of aesthetic measure. What is of use is retained, reinterpreted, that which passes through continues on a cycle of its own revision.

These are points of reception and departure in Cotter’s work. They focus on a process of selection and refining, a moment of change – a time to start from the bottom up.

To coincide with these exhibitions Maud Cotter has made two newspapers: measure, and a solution is in the room; in which a gather of photographic images, which form the generative bedrock of the work and the works in process, are shown with accompanying text.

Cotter has exhibited extensively in Ireland and internationally, including at The Future Perfect, Rubicon Projects, Brussels, April 2013; and Prelude Speaker, Castletown House, Dublin, May 2013. Her work is held in major public and private collections. She is a member of Aosdana, and is represented by the Rubicon Gallery in Dublin.