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Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon, studied at Falmouth University, graduating in 1993. She lives and works in west Waterford and has begun to exhibit regularly in the U.K and Ireland.

Her practice involves drawing, painting, photography and video, using whichever is most appropriate to the work at any given time. She is particularly interested in engaging with the environment and observing the processes of nature.

May was made as a response to Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh’s poem, but it is also about the apple orchards around West Waterford, which are a feature of the landscape, particularly in spring. These include the 250 acres of orchards attached to the Bulmers factory in Clonmel. The blossoms of spring are a fleeting visual moment before they turn into the apples that will weigh down the branches. They hold in their beauty the idea that in every beginning there’s a sense of an ending – but each ending also holds the promise of a new beginning.