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Helen Horgan

Horgan was born in 1975 in Cork. She studied at the Institute of Art Design and Technology where she received a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts Practice (1.1) and at University College Dublin where she attained a distinction for Master of Arts in Contemporary European Philosophy. Her work has been shown in Ireland and abroad including Pallas Contemporary Projects and Rua Red, Dublin; Ormston House, Limerick; The Black Mariah, Cork  and Tate Modern, London. Current projects include the seventh installation of the mobile archival project The LFTT Library in the Guesthouse, Cork and a co-curated programme at the Highlanes Gallery; Things in Translation: from the Legs Foundation with HLG director Aoife Ruane. Horgan is currently researching the role of gesture in the work of Jacques Derrida and Ludwig Wittgenstein. She is a member of The Writing Workshop and is co-founder of The Legs Foundation for the Translation of Things (LFTT) and works from a studio at The Backwater Artists Group (BAG), Cork.

The Grammar Tables: The Great and The Dead is from the ongoing series The Horse’s Mouths; an interdisciplinary travelogue of a land and sea journey taken across the ports of Dublin, Arklow, Liverpool and Stockholm. The Grammar Tables constitute the image archives as a specific body of imagery, perceived as a set of gestural ‘signs’. These ‘signs’ all stem from the first and second last letters of the greek alpahabet; alpha and psi. From here Horgan is continually reconfiguring a manner of ‘writing’ whilst searching for something essential amongst the multiplicity of their formal relations.