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Competition #5: Answer our series of riddles… (The answers are all poets!)

Posted on 24 Jul 2013

‘Overview’ by Macdara Woods is a night time meditation. To keep you up at night, this week’s competition is a series of riddles – the answers are all poets, and the prize, a copy of Contemporary Irish Poetry, edited by Paul Muldoon, will be drawn from the correct entries.

Answer all 5!

1. In the cold I make patterns on the grass, and lovely tracery on the glass.
2. In the sun I lay to dream, with no use for factor cream.
3. As a poet I had great fame, but always thought it a great shame, to hear the anagram of my name.
4. In the theatre, not caring a bit – that my seat was in the gallery, but my feet in the pit.
5. On a lake isle, which nobody hates, a fellow asked me “are you the poet, Mr…”?

Answers by July 28 please, to info@thepoetryproject.ie


Winner announced…

Congratulations to Margaret O’Driscoll!

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 21.50.19