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Competition #2: Tell us your most fabulous/interesting/intriguing words!

Posted on 9 Jul 2013

We are taking a cue from this weeks poem ‘Cothú’ by Gabriel Rosenstock…

An Ghiofógais atá ar ghráinneog?                  /              The Romany for a hedgehog?
Parchywechy!                             /              Parchywechy!

Tell us the most fabulous/interesting/intriguing words you have heard on your travels, english or otherwise and their translation.

Our prize this weeek is a Summer 2013 edition of the Poetry Ireland Review, essential reading for all those who love poetry!

Answers by July 7 please, to info@thepoetryproject.ie



Winner announced…

Congratulations to Brenda Kane!

Churumbel – Spanish – baby or small child




Why Brenda chose ‘churumbel’…
“It is a word that sounds onomatopoeic, noisy at first, then softening into beauty, just like a child!”