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Niesje – Cléa van der Grijn / The Clutch Handbag – Vona Groarke

January 14th - 20th 2013

Cléa van der Grijn Niesje

Vona Groarke The Clutch Handbag

The Clutch Handbag

by Vona Groarke

Black bombazine with grosgrain binding,
a clasp of diamanté butterflies and a row
of bevelled ivory sequins threaded with slipknots.

Finesse. A lipstick of a certain red,
a bronze compact, the cachet
of an embossed cigarette case.

Emerald lining that is like glossy music
from a dance-hall band or the sheen
of sable eyes on the mink stole

whose snout rounds on the very shape
of a tear in the satin no bigger than
her incarnadine thumbnail

through which five decades
have slipped like small coins
skittering the open notes

of a foxtrot or an old-time waltz
that nobody, but nobody,

from Spindrift

By kind permission of the author and The Gallery Press